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Sunrise Chasing: KENZO's Fall-Winter 2024 Pre-Fall Campaign Redefines Intergalactic Fashion

KENZO fashion editorial, color portrait fashion photography
'KENZO Constellation' Loose T-shirt

In the ethereal realm where fashion meets the cosmos, KENZO's Fall-Winter 2024 pre-collection weaves together the intercultural backbone of the season's wardrobe with a touch of futurism and science fiction. Artistic Director Nigo's visionary perspective transcends earthly boundaries to reimagine fashion through the lens of a distant galaxy.

The campaign draws inspiration from the cosmic tapestry and envisions the collection against a lunar landscape, contrasting the familiarity of terrestrial waves with the mystique of space. Captured by Lengua, a photographer from the Canary Islands, the imagery questions the conventions of nature, inviting viewers to explore a world where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur.

At the heart of the pre-fall collection lies the concept of "Sunrise Chasing," a figurative and cultural journey from West to East, tracing the path of the rising sun and symbolic of the intercultural dialogue between the West and the East. Alluding to the historic first steps on the Moon, KENZO's new elegance emerges, where the terrestrial meets the extraterrestrial in a synthesis of silhouettes and patterns.

The collection is fusion of earthy and futuristic accents. The sun pleated dress commands attention, embodying celestial beauty. Meanwhile, pieces inspired by Japan's hakeshi baten firefighter jackets give the collection a sense of handmade spirit, honoring traditional craftsmanship while leaning into avant-garde design elements.

Cargo pants and bodysuits adorned with metallic sequins take us to the cosmos. T-shirts with a glittering logos, part of the "Constellation" series, reimagines KENZO's emblematic motifs through the eyes of stargazers, paying homage to Nigo's childhood fascination with space and science fiction.

KENZO fashion editorial, color portrait fashion photography
'KENZO Constellation' Loose T-shirt
KENZO fashion editorial, color portrait fashion photography
'KENZO Constellation' Hawaiian Shirt

A subtle nod to Japanese electronic group YMO, the ideogram "KENZO Business”, depicting five men with briefcases in hand, celebrates the art of merchandising, offering a playful glimpse into the main collection.

As the sun follows it’s parabolic path from East to West, the Fall-Winter 2024 pre-collection invites us to appreciate the beauty of diversity in tandem with the limitless possibilities of the universe. In this cosmic collection, fashion becomes an expression of intercultural elegance, where the line between the earthly and intergalactic becomes less defined.


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