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Tatras F/W 20/21: An Exclusive Interview

Tatras is a brand founded by Masanaka Sakao in 2006 that gained awareness by offering a new vision for luxury clothing. Merging high fashion collections with high performance technical fabrics is what differentiates the brand from others during each Fashion Week in Paris. The best of Japanese style, Italian fashion know-how and Polish high quality production comes together, and the result are ultra-stylish garments that are not only fashionable but also practical, durable and lasting.

For such a young brand, Tatras already has an impressive number of collaborations such as with The Berrics, a platform for skateboarders managed by Steve Berra and Eric Koston in Los Angeles. With the Riot Hill collaboration, the brand had another highly successful season: The Fall/Winter 2020 runway show had an impressive first row including celebrities such as Bella Hadid.

For their new Fall/Winter 20/21 collection presented in the iconic Le Centorial during the Paris Fashion Week Tatras took their brand DNA a step further: not only were the garments of the highest-quality but the brand also incorporated vintage elements: tie dye, denim, and bandanas were only some of the retro elements presented during this collection. By mixing these touches with contemporary and even futuristic components, the collection offered a strong contrast

between the past and the future which made the clothes so enjoyable and fun.

In an exclusive Interview for IRK Magazine, founder and creative director Masanaka Sakao talks about the brand, the new collection, his main inspiration when creating it and the challenges he faced.

IRK: What is the main essence of the brand?

Sakao: We are very avant-garde in terms of style. At the same time, we want to show the professional side of fashion: by using many different techniques we make sure to offer high quality products that will last longer than just a season.

IRK:What is the main essence of the new collection and what was the idea behind it?

Sakao: It is a time travel from the past to the future. We wanted to show exciting looks that range from retro style to an extremely modern style. We used recycled materials but also new materials and put those together to come up with the new collection.

IRK: How important is sustainability for Tatras?

Sakao: By using high quality production techniques, we offer clothes that last. By using vintage elements in the new collection, we wanted to underline the importance of sustainability.

IRK: What feelings do you want to transmit to the customer and how do you want them to feel while wearing Tatras?

Sakao: We want the customer to feel like he is not only wearing a stylish garment but make him understand that he is wearing a quality piece. Functionality is very important for the brand and I think especially when it comes to jackets, the customer should feel like he is wearing something that is practical and stylish at the same time.

IRK: What were the challenges when creating this new collection?

Sakao: The challenge was to stick to the main idea behind Tatras and still offer something new and to go a step further with every new collection. Finding “something new” was therefore the main challenge. I am already thinking about the next step which is finding new elements to incorporate into the next collection.


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