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The Art of Comfort - Nehera SS 2020

24 hours have past and my ears are still ringing from the abundance of congratulatory claps that ended the Nehera ss20 show. You name it, Nehera had it, Outerwear made from Wool, linen and poplin grabbed spectators attention as they whisked down the runway over knitted jumpsuits.

Nehera SS20

Throughout the sea of neutral trench coats and plush cream jackets was a hint of bloodshot red, contrasting the collection perfectly and allowing the sportswear aspect that was thoughtfully introduced this season to flourish

Every piece that passed my eyes seemed so natural, like the model was at ease with comfort and could walk straight out the door and go about their day, and really isn’t this what we’re looking for in todays fashion world?

As per usual Nehera hit the nail on the head with their SS20 showcase, perfecting the art of comfort in fashion and what it means to be effortlessly chic.

Nehera SS20 Full Collection


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