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Shaadow Sefiroth & Clara Tomé Take on The World

In the ever-evolving landscape of artistic expression and social consciousness, the story of Shaadow Sefiroth and Clara Tomé emerges as a beacon of inspiration—a tale of profound love intertwining with creative pursuits to redefine our perceptions of the world. At the heart of their narrative lies The House of Kra, a groundbreaking project born from their shared vision and commitment to weaving together the diverse threads of culture, art, and nature.

All Photos by Izudin Yusuf

Clara (L) & Shaadow (R)

Shaadow, a renowned hip hop artist and creative director born in Paris, embodies a simplicity in his approach to art that speaks volumes. "I just wanna make stuff," he asserts, his quiet confidence underscoring a deep-seated passion for creation rooted in his Ivorian heritage. Meanwhile, Clara, a multifaceted figure in the realms of fashion, activism, and media, has embarked on a transformative journey of storytelling and entertainment, redefining her notion of success with each endeavor.

Their paths may initially appear divergent, but on a cold, rainy day in Paris, fate brought them together, crystallizing their shared vision into The House of Kra. Derived from the Akan word "Kla," meaning "Soul," this project pays homage to Shaadow's roots while symbolizing their collective commitment to intertwining culture, people, art, and nature.

What began as a podcast tackling nuanced themes has blossomed into a multi-dimensional platform that transcends traditional boundaries. The House of Kra aims to celebrate the richness of different cultures while addressing pressing environmental and social issues, placing a strong emphasis on the intersections of art, culture, and climate impact. Through media and storytelling, Shaadow and Clara envision a journey that entertains, educates, and inspires, fostering cultural understanding and promoting sustainable travel and expeditions.

Clara's transition from behind the camera to the forefront of activism epitomizes the transformative power of self-discovery. "My story is not the one that matters," she declares, recognizing her role as a bridge to amplify the voices of others and advocate for nature. Her newfound purpose liberates her from personal demons, igniting a fervent desire to effect meaningful change through collaboration and empathy.

In contrast, Shaadow's focus lies in unraveling the intricacies of human connection and cultural expression through art. "We are constantly traveling because of work," he explains, "so we want to explore, film, document, and recreate what we see in a way that challenges conventional media." Through his lens, he captures the essence of humanity, weaving narratives that transcend borders and resonate with universal truths.

As they embark on the nascent stages of building The House of Kra, Shaadow and Clara's vision holds the promise of reshaping our perceptions of the world. Through their artistry and activism, they invite us to embrace new realities, challenge preconceptions, and ignite personal transformation. The House of Kra is more than a platform—it is a movement, a testament to the power of love, creativity, and collaboration in effecting positive change on both a personal and global scale.

"I have been always behind the camera and this time I will be behind. I have understood that my story is not the one that matters, I just wanna be the bridge to amplify others and nature, this is not about me anymore and that feeling excites me and sets me free from my own demons". - Clara Tomé

Shaadow, on the other hand, is more drawn to the intricacies of people, culture, and their interconnectedness with art.

"We are constantly traveling because of work... so we want to explore, film, document and recreate what we see in a way - that is often ignored by conventional media."

As they still are in their first steps of building THK, Shaadow and Clara's vision promises to redefine our perceptions of the world, introducing us to new realities and inspiring us to create an impact that truly matters on a personal level.

Their story exemplifies the evolution of art and activism, heralding a new era of creative fusion and social impact. As IRK journeys with Shaadow Sefiroth and Clara Tomé, we are reminded of the profound potential within each of us to create a world where art, culture, and nature intertwine harmoniously, inspiring generations to come.

IRK: The House of Kra seems like a unique blend of your individual passions. Can you elaborate on how your artistic perspectives, Clara as a storyteller and Shadow as a visual artist, come together in this project?

Shaadow: Eyes come in pairs which allow a broader sight and widening the scope of our visions just like perspectives. Clara and I are similar to polarities that intertwine to blend into the perfect color. I see art , people , cultures , shapes , colors. She sees earth, nature, animals and aims to advocate on their behalves.

Clara: nature and animals are my driving force, and although I have my background on environmental law I told him “I do not see myself in an office 24/7 advocating for the planet or making policies, I need to find a more creative way” I also admire and learn a lot from how he perceives art and culture so I think is a perfect holistic blend. 

IRK: "Weaving together the richness of different cultures" is a core concept for THK. Can you share a specific example of how you plan to achieve this through your platform?

Shaadow: Journeying through the world and its vast lands and countries we aim to document and share what we see through our experience and via the lens of the people we meet in those various places...

Clara:..And when people travel they often only experience a superficial, decorated glimpse of the culture, very limited by the tourist attractions. Also by talking and connecting with the locals is how you truly delve deeper into cultural aspects, and also get to know the lesser-known aspects and untold stories.

IRK: Clara, you mentioned a shift in your approach to success. How does THK contribute to your redefined vision?

As a model I used to attach success to fame, big names within the industry and being seen. But it never felt enough. That vision was leading me to ignore the essence of a truly fulfilled and meaningful life. In the climate movement instead, feels different, because I am fighting for a bigger purpose than myself and although I am still finding my role in the climate-environmental space, when we had the epifany of building THK it was so liberating, because I quickly understood it was not about me anymore. My story is not the one that matters, but I want to be the bridge to amplify others voices and nature. And by helping others and mother earth i somehow find my meaning, and thus, a redefined and more collective version of success.

Shadow, you describe wanting to explore the "often ignored" aspects of cultures. Can you give an example of a story or theme you'd like to bring to light through THK?

Life itself is an unsolved mystery and through our short existence on this planet would like to record the stories of the different humans I meet on this journey through the art which is the epitome of human expression and creation. Allowing the stories of people to leave a trace that outlives them.

Photographer: Izudin Yusuf

Styling: Vintage Wardrobe by Tragic Vintage Store

Location: Paris, France

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