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TOTEME F/W 24: Strength & Elegance in Minimalism

The TOTEME Fall Winter 24 collection is a masterclass in minimalistic yet impactful design, showcasing the brand's commitment to clean lines, precise cuts, and distinctive shapes. The collection places a strong emphasis on a tapered silhouette, creating a sense of strength that starts at the shoulders and tapers down to the ankles, culminating in a sharp point at the shoe. This intentional design choice exudes confidence and purpose, offering a refined look suitable for real-life situations.

Inspired by a Swedish appreciation for tactility, the rich fabrics used in the collection contribute to its bold and characterful dimension. Shearling, cashmere, and intricately shredded fil-coupé elevate the designs, providing a luxurious and tactile feel. The juxtaposition of sharp, structured fabrics like glossy leather and heavy-gauge wool with soft, fuzzy textures such as shearling and cashmere adds depth and intrigue to the pieces.

Crisp, graphic necklines on sheer knits and slender dresses serve as a counterpoint to the masculine-inspired outerwear and pared-down tailoring, creating a harmonious balance in the collection. The monochromatic color palette adds a sense of discipline, while carefully curated accessories reinforce TOTEME's codes.

The key fabrics used in the collection showcase a thoughtful approach to sustainability, with a focus on high-quality, low-impact materials. Recycled wool, recycled cashmere, Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified wool, and organic cotton underscore TOTEME's commitment to ethical and eco-friendly fashion.

In terms of accessories, the introduction of two new bag styles demonstrates the brand's innovative spirit. The classic day bag with a belt that cinches the sides and a metal clasp, along with the mini rendition of the T-Flap bag, showcase elegance in design. The signature TOTEME T-Lock clutch and top handle are reimagined with tactile shearling accents, adding a touch of texture to these iconic pieces.

Shoes play a pivotal role in complementing each look, with a focus on a sharp pointed toe that elongates the silhouette. The sling-back pump and The Wide Shaft Boot, both featuring a sculpted wedge heel, offer feminine accents to the collection.

The introduction of fine and signature jewelry, inspired by the twisting motifs of body-swathing knitwear, adds a finishing touch to the Fall Winter 24 collection. Collar necklaces and cuff bracelets in yellow gold-plated brass with sinuous swirls echo vine tendrils, providing sculptural elegance.

The collection was unveiled through an intimate show in Paris on January 22, 2024, and will be available for purchase on and selected retailers from August 2024. Overall, TOTEME's Fall Winter 24 collection exemplifies a self-assured femininity filled with purpose and power, maintaining the brand's distinctive aesthetic while introducing innovative elements for a modern and refined wardrobe.


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