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X8 Eyewear Campaign with Gen Z icons Willow Smith & Harry Hudson

X8 Eyewear was created by the multi-fascinated and innovative, Won Lee, and his partner, Nikhil 'Ra' Sharma. After Lee left her tenure as CEO/CCO at Gentle Monster, she teamed up with entrepreneur Sharma to create a futuristic, genderless eyewear brand.

X8 Eyewear's official campaign was shot with Gen Z icons Willow Smith and Harry Hudson, the campaign highlights the 23-piece collecion that transcends gender labels with fluid cool oversize shapes and architectural flourishes with a variety of shapes, colors and lens tints.

“I was honored to join the X8 Anima/Animus campaign because I loved the messaging of gender fluidity and the duality of masculine and feminine energies that I believe exists inside every one of us. I had so much fun shooting this concept with my dear friend, Harry,” says Smith who is an actress, singer/ songwriter, and talk show host known for her progressive personal style.

“I was inspired by X8’s creative vision of two forces working together in harmony with one another. A lot of my music has been about balancing the light/dark & the masculine/feminine energy of life, so that idea of true duality really spoke to me and made me want to be a part of this campaign. Also, shooting with my friend and genius Willow was too much fun,” comments Hudson, a singer/songwriter famous for documenting his battle with cancer at 21 on social media.

The objective of X8 is to empower individuals who dare to deconstruct the past, shake up the present, and usher in a new and more exciting world for everyone. X8 will use its high-level worldwide network, brand-building experience, technology and creative studios, and manufacturing capabilities to create that world and carry out its goal.

“We do not think in boxes,” say Lee & Ra. The co-founders envision a world driven by cross-industry innovation where an electric car is built from the ground-up with fashion/textiles design, digital art, sustainable materials science, AI tech, rocket science and automotive engineering—all coming together to create a car for the future.

“We are driven by a passion to discover the unknown and see the world through the eyes of the new generation and beyond. Today we may be a special projects and venture capital company to you, but to them—the future will define us.”

X8 is the catalyst of multidisciplinary creativity combing fashion, art, entertainment, and technology with the future. It is co-founded by Won Lee from South Korea, who has an eclectically creative background developing hospitality projects with mega real estate groups such as CBRE, Prodigy, and Soho House, as well as a $50M Media/Light Art project in Jeju Island, South Korea. Nikhil 'Ra' Sharma is an Indian entrepreneur, producer, and creative projects specialist who has also worked with brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel Beauté, producing shows with talents such as David Bowie and Prince. He Executive Produced a film by Oscar nominee Fernando Meirelles and works collaboratively on projects with Silicon Valley icons Sean Parker (Napster, Facebook, Spotify) and fashion photography legend Ellen von Unwerth. Ra had his own project development, consulting, and global networking company, VOW, (Visions of the World) before co-founding X8 with Lee .

With the help of its artistic, creative, and manufacturing teams in South Korea, and its Metaverse, NFT, Gaming, AI, Future Tech Studios in India, Lee (Creative Director, Real World) and Ra (Creative Director, Metaverse) will work as brothers in arms to morph the present into the future, and the real with the virtual.

X8 is redefining eyewear through a crossroad of creative minds that is on its way to being one of the biggest eyewear brands in the world.

X8 Eyewear is available for purchase on the X8 website


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