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You (Lonely Lovers): KIMHĒKIM RTW F/W 2020

The Korean designer Kiminte Kimhekim who previously worked at Balenciaga presented his new RTW F/W 2020 collection of his brand KIMHEKIM during the women’s Paris Fashion Week. For his last collection, Kimente was inspired by how people are seeking attention such as on social media and made a collection which was a sarcastic comment on people obsessing over likes and views. For the new collection, KIMHEKIM presented garments inspired by another abstract emotional experience: an exaggerated vision of romance inspired by the song « Amoureux Solitaires » by Nouvelle Vague.

The designer's aim is to show the positive and negative aspects of modern society. Last season, slogans such as « buy me if you can » and clothing that included mega oversized bows and other elements to catch the attention underlined the satisfying feeling of getting attention but also the downsides of it.

The new collection explores the world of modern romance and once more it is the exaggeration, the sarcasm and the bit of humor in the collection that makes it so fun: a giant heart-shaped mirror, clothing with the KIMHEKIM logo all over it and once more, oversized bows are telling the story of a modern society that is seeking (maybe a bit too much) love and attention.

Kiminte makes use of classics while adding new elements, sarcasm and humor to them which makes us want to see more from this designer very soon.


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