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Born in Grenoble we quickly moved to Algeria and then we stayed in Madagascar. When the revolution started we return to France. We moved all over the country until
I decide to stay in Paris to study design at the industrial design superior school.

I had the great opportunity to meet Philippe Starck when I graduated and worked with him for 5 years. Starck


invited me to be graphic art director at Thomson Multimedia and I worked on a variety of electronic and dream projects for Europe, the US, and Global. Meanwhile, I was the art director of two magazines; one about design INTRAMUROS and the other about young trendy culture called KEITH magazine. Since 2010, I built a product design team at Atelier Pascalie, a cosmetic specialized agency… where we designed the new lines for l’Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, The Body Shop. Among many challenging projects, we had the memorable experience of designing the Christian Louboutin nail polish.I am fully invested in staying connected with trends related to photography, fashion, art, design, typography, film, emerging media, brand communication, music, modern dance, my kids, and robots. I feel very strongly about building community and inspiring others as they inspire me. In 2015, I co-founded IRK Magazine, an international Paris based art, photography and fashion printed magazine and digital platform that reunites brand new and very known creative talents from around the world. Under the name French Cowboy, Mia Macfarlane and I started shooting fashion and art photography.It was the natural course with both our life experiences. We attack photography from our Art direction backgrounds to tell stories. @french_cowboy





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