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4 artists to see at Paris Photo

This year's Paris Photo is not to be missed. You could get lost under the Grand Palais' glass domes for days discovering the internationally acclaimed photographers reunited here. Not to be missed are Stephen Shore with his mundane scenes of America, Guy Bourdin, using fashion photography to explore the absurd and the sublime.

I was especially moved by the beauty and profound works shown by South African Gallery STEVENSON. They featured two photographers Viviane Sassen and Zanele Muholi. Both photographers reflected upon their cultures and backgrounds in these very moving and beautiful images.

Viviane Sassen Ayuel, 2010

Ayuel, 2010 C-Print (c)Viviane Sassen

Zanele Muholi, 2014

Bester II, Paris, 2014, 2014Silver gelatin print(c)Zanele Muholi.Read more at Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town/Johannesburg

Guy Bourdin Archives, 1976, 1976 Guy Bourdin Estate

Stephen Shore Gallup, New Mexico, July 11, 2014, 2015 Read more at

Pigment print

Copyright Stephen Shore, Courtesy the artist and Sprüth SPRÜTH MAGERS

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