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Countdown to the New Year with Layla Sailor

Manchester, England photographer Layla Sailor for the third year in a row makes our holidays POP with her crazy advent calendar! Every day is made better with this adult version of our childhood count down to Christmas but this version continues up to the New Year. Lucky us!

Layla Sailor is one of IRK's favorite photographers because she dares to go far, her ideas are endless and because her pictures make us smile with their gay colors and humour. Layla is in our Let it POP issue and we are excited that she will be creating a Tribe of photos for our next issue here comes tribal!

Models: Vasilisa Forbes ‎(Waxchick‬), Martha Galsworthy, Rachel Marzo, Bluebell Wooi, Woman Imel, Mini moog the pug, and even a self portrait of Layla herself!

Makeup by Rebecca Anderton and and Ertonmua.

Hair by Digital Itame and Raul & Emma from Trevor Sorbie SAlon Manchester.

Holiday countdown until the New Year with photographer Layla Sailor! Sailor Advent‬ has begun. Kicking off this one with the amazing Vasilisa Forbes, ‎Waxchick‬ and Moschino accessories

Check out the last two Sailor Advent calendars on her website

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