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Amandine Chenot Exhibition at GALERIE ANNE & JUST JAECKIN in Paris

Amandine Chenot is exhibiting in Paris May 19-28 at GALERIE ANNE & JUST JAECKIN in collaboration with 2Art Angels !!!

Chenot At first glance, this is a very mysterious confrontation the painter Amandine Chenot presents us. Is it chemical symbolism, mythological beasts, or just the most famous drum rolls? , a top artist

2002 marks a turning point in the work of Amandine Chenot. His work will then be the result of introspection, personal work on the human brain. It will indeed produce works from his medical file: build and ordering space with MRI scans, angiograms of brain and scanners. They will be the common thread of a face to face with the canvas to let the imagination take its course where nature ceases to be illusion and reveal sometimes fiery, sometimes mysterious and sensual. The brain is the tree of life of each of us. Cradle of our fantasies, the mind is in the sap.

Amandine Chenot, is Art ... a fascination with the fantastic graphics that make up radiographs, CT or MRI of the blood system. Style, subject, obsession, reflection melt into an endless rediscovery of roots and trees. Flowers and plants are our inner nature and fascinated by decorating dreams relentlessly. On these kind paths, ink and brush beauty redoubled. Life is sometimes called "Artist proof".

19 Rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris

Phone: 01 43 26 73 65

May 19-28

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 1pm-7pm

Opening is Thursday May 19 at 6:30pm.

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