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Online & Print Guidelines


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Our print stories are theme driven. We will choose your work if we believe that you can provide us with a story that will meet the objectives of the theme and our aesthetic tastes. Works can be fashion driven or not. We want each issue to be diverse so we are looking for photographers and artists who are uniquely talented. We create an extensive mood board for every issue on Pinterest to help define the level of work we are looking for and to inspire our contributors. Send all submissions to: You can submit a story that you want us to consider for a specific issue or you can send us a link to your website if you want us to select you before shooting an editorial for a specific issue.


Final Size if selected: Our magazine is A4 format 210mm x 297mm. All images need to be 300 dpi Resolution, Color sRGB - RGB (even if they are black / white), jpgs or tifs.



We appreciate a wide variety of art and photography. We are mostly a photography magazine but we accept submissions from all visual artists including fashion designers, makeup artists, graphic designers, illustrators, painters and videographers. The online stories do not need to follow the print theme but we hope you will look at our past artists and our Pinterest boards to see the quality we are expecting. We like fashion, beauty, nudes, still lives, architecture, portraits and really crazy ideas. Please note: we don't like over retouched skin. Please submit your photos by sending us an email with your story in low resolution. A minimum of 1000 px width is required for preview. Formats: .jpg or pdfs. Send all submissions Don't hesitate to contact us if you are not sure.


Online stories offers us the best opportunity to promote our photographers/artists and to increase our community of collaborators. Also, If we want IRK, and therefore our collaborators, to grow we need to be as prolific as possible and to constantly offer fresh and exciting editorial content. 



Credits: Please include complete and final credits for staff, clothes and everything we should include. This should be written in a simple file: pdf, Text Edit, Word or Pages.

Social Media: Dont forget your social media tags (Facebook, Instagram...) 




To request a pull letter, email and include a link to your website, your stylist’s name and a mood board for the shoot you want to do.










If you find photos, images, text or other material published by IRK Magazine online that you are the copyright holder of and did not give permission for IRK Magazine and it’s affiliated network publications, contact us and we will remove the content as soon as possible.



All reasonable measures have been taken by IRK Magazine to ensure that all published media is correct. However, IRK Magazine and their contributors do not give warranty and accepts no responsibility for correctness or completeness of the material. At any time IRK Magazine reserves the right to make changes at IRK Magazine’s discretion.



To create the best print and online publication that we believe to be possible we reserve the right to modify or crop images at our discretion. By being published no parties are entitled to financial gain. Additionally no guarantees are made that submissions will be published regardless of any communication stating so, therefore no legal liability is subject. At any time with IRK Magazine’s discretion, IRK Magazine may opt to remove any online published content, for any possible reason, with or without notice, without having to provide any information.



By partaking in IRK Magazine submissions you assign the authority for IRK Magazine to publish and use the contents on IRK Magazine’s website, in the print issue, for newsletters, and also for content on any Social-Profiles. In reserved cases also for promotion of IRK Magazine flyers, folders, posters, cards, projections, and also for public relations work such as newspapers, exhibitions and presentations. IRK Magazine does not guarantee every submission will be published. You must be the only copyright-owner of the submitted material. Other than through sales of the print magazine, IRK Magazine can not sell your images and/or interviews without your personal permission. Basically, you keep all rights to your submissions. However, to maintain quality and consistency, we reserve the right to make spelling/grammatical/visual changes to your work and to use them for the promotion of IRK Magazine. IRK Magazine reserve the authority to add annotations as seen fit. You agree, by the acknowledgment of this disclaimer, to not hold IRK Magazine and their owners responsible for any possible financial harm or injury (mental or physical) resulting from the publishing of your submission. Additionally, if you are sued for slander due to any content you submit that we publish, you agree to not hold IRK Magazine and their owners liable.



IRK Magazine refuses responsibility or liability of infringement or violation of copyright that may arise in regards to an artist’s work, whether it pertains to interviews, reviews, reports, articles, images, layout, design, images, video, or otherwise. IRK Magazine assumes no legal or personal responsibility for any possible financial, material, and/or emotional harm that may arise due to publication of content on IRK Magazine website or in print. We do not assume responsibility or liability for infringement of a copyright, that arise through on the part of the artist provided material.


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