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IRK Magazine presents an amazing fashion film, "BIO HACKING IS FUTURE BEAUTIFUL", which looks towards the future with a growing new trend “bio hacking”. Bio hacking is currently a tribal subculture of people willing to modify their biology with actual implantation of cybernetic devices in organic bodies as a method of working towards transhumanism. A current example is the implantation of RFID chips under the skin used to unlock doors and as payment.

Morgan Miller, Joey Danger and Levi chose to develop bio hacking as a new beauty trend and they imagined a future where there are no more race differences, as color of skin, hair and eyes can change at will.

This futuristic fashion editorial took several months of research, preparation, and post-production. It features Brazilian Supermodel Emanuela de Paula & Australian model Anja Kedzior who through CGI post production become one in the same. New York fashion photographer, Morgan Miller, is responsible for bringing this amazing team together and he shot the stills in the magazine and one of IRK's double covers.

Filmmaker Joey Danger shot the fashion film for this editorial and he also rendered all the still and moving images in post production. In the print version two of the images are in actual 3D and can be viewed in full with retro 3D glasses. The fashion film is a science fiction marvel inspired by movies like blade runner and Ex-Machina. The video and moving images took Joey Danger 100s of hours to make and the results are a fashion film that has no comparison. The amazing fashion is thanks to celebrity stylist and jewelry designer Cannon. The musical score for the film was composed specifically by musician, Levi, and it completes the creation of this never seen before fashion editorial.

Cover of Emanuela de Paula Coat The Blonds, Dress Manokhi, Necklaces PLUMA

This CGI fashion film has already been selected as an Official Selection for the 7th annual La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival (LJIFFF) and International Fashion Film Awards (IFFAS).


Photographer MORGAN MILLER, Cinematography & Visual Effects Joey Danger, Musical Composer Levi, Stylist Cannon with Judy Casey, Makeup Artist Hiromi Ando with Stockland Martel, Hair Stylist Adam Maclay with Artists by Timothy Priano, Production Severine Manuel, Stylist Assistant Izzy Ruiz & Market Editor Alexandra Lynn with The Cannon Media Group, Photo Assistants Brian McGuffog, Jenni Skluth, Emon Toufanian, Sarah McGonagle, Kevain Delpesche, Maria Kepinski, Sinziana Dobos, Retouching Andre Jones, Anthony Goble with Process & Post, Behind The Scenes Carlo Marasigan.

Models Emanuela with Society Management & Anna with Supreme Paris.

Special thanks to Leica Camera North America. Shot exclusively with the Leica S type 007.

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