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Designing Mexican Feminism with BARBARA SANCHEZ KANE

Barbara Sanchez Kane, after graduating from Polimoda and then presenting her most recent collection at LA Fashion Week, was selected for the FashionClash Festival 2016 in Maastricht and featured, for example, caps with the inscribed ‘Make America Gay Again’. She is not only a designer to watch, but also an intriguing person coming from a unique space yet unseen in the industry.

Sophie Joy Wright of POLIMODA, And POLIMODAMAG in Florence shared with IRK this in depth interview with Barbara Sanchez Kane, a Mexican-born menswear designer who uses conventional ideas of gender and politics, and subverts and transforms them into garments under her brand Sanchez-Kane.

FASHION ON AIR is a filmed interview series with industry insiders that intentionally avoids the mainstream characters of fashion. These are outsider perspectives from within. By doing things their own way, each person shares their unique experience in the fashion world - from design to business and everything in between - and their view on the world at large.

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