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Written by Linda Loppa and published by Skira, MOMENTS, is dedicated to research, discussion, and evolution. Over 500 pages focused on the introspection on fashion, art, architecture and culture as they were presented at the conference of the IFFTI International​ Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes held in Florence in May 2015. Entitled Momenting the Memento, to reveal the true effect of this unique moment.

This carefully curated Volume by Linda Loppa bears witness to this important event in Fashion education. It is divided into six areas of inquiry and represented and linked together by twenty-six installations and performances. The result is a selection of the very best ideas and projects brought to Polimoda from all over the world.

MOMENTING THE MEMENTO The event Momenting the Memento was a research project based on education, fashion, and fashion education. It curated the overlapping space between the arts and garments, and was built on the initial publication written by Danilo Venturi under the same name (Skira, 2014).

‘The driving force behind the act of curating is in fact the inspiration that comes from space, etymology, sociology or simply the beauty or the questioning of beauty of a garment.’ – Linda Loppa


The annual conference is an international project that every year units over 46 advanced training

institutes from all over the world which specialize in fashion, art, and design, and who are members of

the IFFTI network.

From May 12 to 16, 2015, Polimoda hosted the 17th edition of the event, opening the doors to

Florence to display some of its most important architectural and artistic treasures alongside an

extensive collection of research projects, curated by Linda Loppa.

‘It changed the traditions for how fashion is experienced, in one of the most traditional cities in the

world,’ – Diane Pernet

Moments Launch Party Paris Fashion Week October 1st

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