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The Future Is No Longer What It Used To Be!!!

This fashion film by Awtle studio and art directed by Anton Bundenko for Studia Pepen's SS–17 collection is the future now!! It is a creative introspective interpretation of the brands technological focus. The fashion film perfectly replicates the brands modern touch yet simple and uncomplicated lines.

Awtle studio maintains the Studia Pepen's line and develops its brand imaging from season to season.

The trend this season is a reaction to the over-saturation of information, multitasking and the rate of technological progress, constant haste, and lack of free time we encounter in our daily lives.

According to Awtle studio "At this time we are no longer excited by technological progress because we are exhausted by it." They say that "according to analysis, people are less inspired by progress at this time since they get tired and exhausted by it. In the search of an identity, we take a breath and consider the larger things in life. We focuses on the whisper of passing time, exploring our inner rhythms. Thus, the society has the need to find something more global, that will give direction in the information age, defining the human place in this epoch. 2017 will be a year of the pause."


Analytics and production: Awtle studio

Art direction: Anton Bundenko

Style: Olga Feoffanova

Make-up: Yulia Timonina

Models: @Grace models, Russia; @Modus VivendiS, Russia

Set design: Sasha Kormushina


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