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Courtesy of Schiaparelli

« Chinoiserie at heart », Looking at Schiaparelli's new haute couture collection makes you breathe fresh and sweet air while sitting in the rising sun of spring time. Their new collection shows you the multifarious and colorful face of new beginnings.

Schiaparelli uses traditional fabrics, influenced by asian imagery, and makes them new by touching them with a sexy and fresh cut. Rich details, high slits, mixed patterns, flowing fabrics, transparencies and strong graphics define this stunning collection.

Schiaparelli does not only show variety by using bold and varying colors and fabrics but also by showing off different influences in this collection including strong Japanese visuals of dragons, kois, water lilies, the golden sun... but also with modern influences of pop graphic shapes borrowed from Guy Bourdin and Jean Cocteau in abstract patterns. Schiaparelli creates something new without loosing their timelessness.

It is seeing a garment with the wisdom of an elegant lady and the beauty of a young woman!


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