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Wearable paintings and 3D sculpted accessories look so good in this sophisticated and refined collection by Julien Fournié. The patterns are audacious and bursting with color but are paired with perfectly cut silk blue pants or must have oversized white pants. Embroidered splatters of paint reminiscent of Jackson Pollock adorn a yellow party dress, a blouse, skirt... have a touch of Alexander Calder, and optical stripes remind one of Jesus Rafaèl Soto.

Despite the creativity and originality of Julien Fournié's Spring/Summer creations most of the dresses, blouses and pants are very flattering and easy to wear. Asymmetries, layering, and wonderful surprises are abundant. The fabrics and cuts are exquisite and many of the pieces would be perfect for that amazing party where you want to shine but still look amazing.

Julien Fournié makes clothes for the modern woman who is chic, bold and beautiful.

Journey through Julien Fournié's backstage with IRIS Brosch's behind the scenes photos.

Julien Fournié Couture Collection summer 2017 by iris brosch music by tamara dinka edited by kata szaraz, backstage

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