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YUIMA NAKAZATO is looking into a SCIFI future that is actually very close to becoming reality. According to Yuima Nakazato, "In the near future, textiles will be made for the individual. By function, aesthetics, touch, form and other factors, clothing will be able to transform instantaneously. Eventually, in fashion, no two garments will be the same."

Yuima Nakazato has been working on a completely different way of making clothing without being sewn. With his new vision, manufacturing of clothing will be revolutionized so that each garment will be a unique creation based on the wants and needs of the individual. The Fire, Wind, Water and Earth collection was created without a single thread or needle. Each garment is constructed of 1000s of individual units.

The results are a spectacular collection of glowing and iridescent gowns showing the four elements. There is movement within the gowns like flowing water or a fire alight. Up close the units make up a complex patchwork that together are reminiscent of tribal patterns.

Have a look at this futuristic collection through the photos by Iris Brosch

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