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Hues of the Algarve Shimmer and Shine in Katty Xiomara’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Katty Xiomara highlights the colors and customs of southern Portuguese culture in her feminine, flirty Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear that includes a range of separates from trimmed hot pants and maxi dresses to fur-collared coats.

Katty Xiomara F/W 2017

Throughout the collection, layered monochromatic pallets of limestone, coral, warm iron oxide and deep blue-violet reference Portugal’s coastal landscape, while a reoccurring cascade of ruffles captures the rhythmic waves of the sea. Yet within this gentle pallet, Xiomara takes risks through the harmonious play of texture and light, as matte fabrics are paired with lace overlays and shimmering metallics. Cultural references of Portuguese bullfighting appear in engineered prints, bolo-inspired embroidery-tipped collars and a heavy tea-length coat with oversized textural appliqués that reference a Matador’s cape.

The standout piece, a silver Mylar knife-pleated mini shift, brings the kinetic energy of the ocean to life with its oversized diagonal ruffle that continuously mimics the curling of a wave, rolling from open to close with each movement of the body. At a time when we can’t wait for summer to arrive, Katty Xiomara’s celebration of the Algarve lures us to dive right into the next fall season!

Katty Xiomara F/W 2017

Katty Xiomara F/W 2017

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