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Who is this new sensation taking over the French Comedy scene?

Stefi Celma is one of the most seductive woman in French cinema today and she is far from just being beautiful. Stefi went from being a child music prodigy, turned model, to quickly being scouted by a casting director and signed by a comedy acting agency.

She has already starred in several top grossing comedy films and tv series in France. You can see her on screen in « Pas très normales activités »,« Les Profs », and again recently in « Les Profs 2 », « Antigang » and the highly successful television series « Dix pour Cent» on France 2.

As music still forms an integral part of her life, she often combines her acting and music passions. In addition to a role in the film, "Case Departure”, she also co-signed the Original Soundtrack. In the hit TV series “Dix Pour Cent”, her character, Sofia, also sings and plays the guitar.

Stefi Celma Photographed by Sandra Fourqui

In cinema today Stefi can be found acting opposite, Juliette Binoche, in Noémie Saglio's " Telle mère telle fille”. A film about April and her mother Mado, who could not be more different. April, 30, is married, salaried and organised while her mother, carefree and an eternal teenager lives on her daughter's couch since her divorce. But when the two women find themselves pregnant at the same time and under the same roof, the clash is inevitable. Mado, in the middle of a crisis of youth, is not ready to be a grandmother. While April has a hard time imagining her mother as a mother!

This June 21 you can see Stefi in “Les Ex”. If Paris is the city of lovers, it is necessarily also the city of ex lovers too. In this film six couples of different generations will make the not so joyful plunge.

As “Dix Pour Cent” was such a huge success, season 2 will be back this year for more laughs about the very real lives of actors and actresses and notably their agents.

Stefi Celma embraces life and the people she encounters with joy and curiosity. She lives from day to day enjoying the present and is open to all opportunities life brings her. So far it has been a wonderful adventure and the future looks bright for this vibrant and talented actress and singer. Where will she go next?

Can you tell us why comedy attracted you so strongly?

It all began with music and it was thanks to music that I had access to the acting profession. For me it was an inaccessible dream, I knew no one in this milieu. When you start acting, you try out very different genres. That's how I got roles mainly in comedies. It's very formative and I love it.

Obviously there is a lot of humour in comedy but there is a lot more to it then being funny. Beyond the entertaining side, there are strong characters, morals, criticisms on society, irony, parody ... It is a fairly complex exercise and I am admiring the work of authors and directors, who write and work in this genre.

Do you see yourself moving to dramatic rolls?

I would love too. Moreover, thanks to "ten per cent", the field of possibilities has expanded. I am delighted that I now have access to other kinds of movies. The door opened for me via comedy but now it remains a lifetime to explore the rest.

Stefi Celma Photographed by Sandra Fourqui

What actors or actresses do you look up to most? And have you had the opportunity to work with any of them?

There are many talented actors and actresses that I admire. We can start with those with whom I had the chance

to work. I remember the first readings of ten per cent, I was amazed by their talent, their singularity, their inventiveness. I was so impressed that I even felt nervous and had hot flashes and I was trembling with excitement. Moreover, I take this opportunity to welcome the work of Constance Demontoy, casting director, as well as Cédric Klapisch, Lola Doillon, Antoine Garceau and the production director.

I had the chance to shoot with Juliette Binoche, who is an incredible actress, luminous, spontaneous, and with Isabelle Nanty whom I admire very much, whom I met on “The teachers.” That was my first "collective principal" role. I was impressed by the generosity of this woman and her great talent. However, if you want a scoop: I am a very big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, who I discovered in Gilbert Grape. We can dream, no! (Laughs).

Stefi Celma Photographed by Sandra Fourqui

What do you love more acting or singing?

I can not choose, I love both ... It's different, and complementary ... it gives me a real balance. However, music has always resonated for me. My father recently found a tape of me humming when I was just one year old... Let's say it's more instinctive.

Acting came later in my life, but my family, especially my poor cousins, had to suffer through my unavoidable performances after dinner. When I was a young child these spectacles were more or less successful, but recurrent.

I am so happy and satisfied to do both that I do not want to make that choice. Besides, for the moment, life has made the choice for me to continue both.

Stefi Celma Photographed by Sandra Fourqui

Stefi Celma Photographed by Sandra Fourqui

Outside of acting and music what inspires you most?

What inspires me ... very precisely people!

People who believe viscerally in their ideals, in building beautiful things, who fight for humanity, for love, for differences ....the people for whom hope is the motor, the reason, the justification!

These people are to be met everywhere, on a journey or at the end of the street ... we must stay awake ....

Do you want to break into the international scene or are you happy in France?

It's not “France or abroad" ... I do not see things that way.

I'm happy to be an actress here in France, it's a fairy tale for me ... but just like music, acting is borderless, so of course if I am offered to perform abroad, I would love to. It would be a great experience and very rewarding!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I do not project myself so far. I try to live in the moment and enjoy as much as I already have. And I'm spoiled.

What can you do to help young actors and singers?

I am at the beginning so I do not feel legitimate enough to give advice. In my opinion, the most important thing is to "stay yourself", in this business as in life elsewhere.


Interview by Mia Macfarlane

Publicist & Image Karolyne Leibovici at AK Communication,

Stylists Aurore Donguy

Makeup Artist & Hair Elika Bavar at l’atelier (68) for M.A.C COSMETICS,

Stylist assistant Juliette Lecuyer

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