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What is FRANCE to you?

Jules Viera Heroes Mandella

Jules Viera "Heroes Mandella"

C'est Quoi ta France is a collective art and society project shedding light on diversity and universal French values in the aim of spreading them all over the world. For this amazing project they have gathered 6 artists who have fed the debate over the years through their personal work and perspective. They have explored all the topics that make our current world connected, from migration to diversity, representativeness, national narrative, and identity.

Shuck One, Bénédicte Van der Maar, Alexis Peskine, Jules Viera, Natalia Ivanova, and Marc Bellini will present their work from May 23rd at le 100ecs (100, rue de Charenton- 75012) What is your France literally, is an open question to every world citizen who is directly linked or indirectly to France through their personal story. This project aims at questioning our position in the global world in the past and in the present, in order to promote human rights and explore what kind of society we would like for the future.

C'est Quoi Ta France is a national anthem for diversity and an open world.

EXHIBITION C'est Quoi Ta France

May 23rd at 100ecs, 100, rue de Charenton, 75012

Alexis Peskine "Mariam"

Alexis Peskine "Mariam"

Van Der Maar "Black Haka Touch My Soul"

Van Der Maar "Black Haka Touch My Soul"

Natalia Ivanova

Natalia Ivanova "Composition 3

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