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"Nimportequoi" Group Show Featuring X-SMALL Works by ARTHUR YANG!

​​​Nimportequoi or Whatever in English is a fine definition of human existence as a whole and the inspiration for this wonderfully bizarre exhibition in Paris August 1st-14th. At the 59, rue de Rivoli gallery.

"The suffering, the pleasures of life, joy and sadness, fears and anxieties, states of mood and clinical states, death, finally! - all this is "Nimportequoi". The French, and even all francophones, are the champions of the "Nimportequoi". Listen well around you. You will realize how often the "Whatever" happens in conversations." -introduction to the Nimportequoi exhibition

Of the 10 Artists who will be dissecting the concept of the "Nimportequoi" to make it more accessible there is the renowned artist ARTHUR YANG. His humor, insights into life and his breathtaking works of art are always worth seeing and for this exhibition he will be showing his X-SMALL works. Though very small in size they are huge in ideas and as the artist says "hard to swallow".

X-Small artwork by Arthur Yang, 2005

X-Small work by Arthur Yang, 2005

These x-small works by Arthur Yang were originally made in 2004-2005 for the "Ultra-Small" project. The first exhibition in Montreuil, France included 9 artists and was a HUGE success despite the works sizes and traveled to several other European cities with at least 10 more artists being added to the fray.

"The idea was that works of art differ by their size: bigger than a human's height - they are "doors", that invite us to "enter" to the artist's universe, smaller than a human's height - they let you observe, as through a window, and those which are so small that they are able to be inserted in the spectator's mouth. Only these last ones may be digested by the spectator, literally speaking. So we investigated the possibilities of Ultra-Small art." In the words of the artist Arthur Yang.


August 1st-14th


59, rue de Rivoli

75001 Paris

Free entrance!
Opening August 1st 18h (6pm)

Tuesday- Sunday 13h-20h (1pm-8pm)


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