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How can we stop the judgments we have of the young men and women who are taking refuge around the world? We see the refugees as being so very different from us but the truth is that they are the same. The refugees often have great careers, college educations and numerous talents. They are just living a horrible situation.

Nour Homsi

It's a huge question and one that three friends from Amsterdam, including student designer George Elias, from Damascus in Syria and two newcomers from Lebanon have taken very seriously with the creation of a modeling platform called LaKameleon. As their first initiative they took 10 young refugee men and created a fashion editorial with them. The main idea was to represent the new comers without any labels and help stop the discrimination and disrespect many hold towards them.

With this project they want to celebrate these courageous people who deserve to be seen as no different from you or me.

Models: Nour Homsi, Ryad Bnslm, Ammar Alshalek, Morad Badran

Styling: George Elias

MUA: Jolien de Doelder

Hair Stylist: Alejandro Blijd

Photographer: Esther Hemmer

LaKameleon model management

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