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Ole Marius Joergensen, Astronauts, Mysteries & Blonds

Norwegian photographer Ole Marius Joergensen is an artist with a taste for surrealism!

His cinematic style combines humour and mystery and he finds his inspiration in the inner and outer landscapes of his countrymen. His haunting lone astronaut series, "Space travels through Norway", was shot in the sparsely populated areas of the Northern regions. They are quiet images that speak volumes.

Behind the Curtains "The Letter"

Another iconic series is Joergensen's "Icy Blondes". It's a cinematic series inspired by Hitckock's fascination with Blonds and each photo is a tense and anxious moment just before the storm. With equal mystery and ancutude Joergensen's series Behind the Curtains keeps us at the edge!

Ole Marius Joergensen will have two Solo shows coming up. The first is this October 12 - 15 at the AAF Stockholm with Momentum Fine Art. The show will exhibit a variety of his best works. The second show is January-February 2018 in NY at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery. The show will exhibit his "Space Travels Through Norway" series.

Space Travels Through Norway "Sakrisoy"

More information:

Many of his iconic images reflect the dreams and mysteries of Norway with a touch of the ironic.

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