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SIRLOIN Spring/Summer 2018, Paris


a-symetrical action with the SIRLOIN spring/summer2018 collection.

The repeat of consumerism and the styles that arose from the ashes of the 90’s American culture and consumer habits, is the collection; but with the Chinese twist of overindugence and being «nouveux riche». Humourously, SIRLOIN creators Mao and Alve, have creeted a spring/summer collection that takes your smoking jacket to the pool. It questions the American style that has been adopted by China, as it becomes the new world power leading consumerism and this «nouveux riche» stlye that the American 90’s babies have created in order to push forward culturally.

The twists are apparent and create reminecence of the classics like Bay Watch and Miami Vice; the collection was presented with each model covered in a Kate Moss mask, to over glamorize the lack of expression in this nex cultural movement. It is hard to determine if the collection bings back the American style, or if it a playing on the Chinese take on the American style.

Smoking jacket with your bathing suit for a day at the pool, arriving to the office with a well tailored suit whos a-symetric pants say, «Am I making a fashion statement, yet?» Polo shirts, a norm to American style, with draping of the cotton knit through the brest pocket. Over-the-top casual drawstring shorts with an almost-skirt tied in. She isn't wearing one pair of sunglasees, she isnt wearing one belt; no she has two of each.

It was a collection of fun, wearable pieces that launch us into the styles we have for so long been refelcting on, keeping reference to conumerist lifestlyes; as if we were all as lucky as Kate Moss herself.

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