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Dumitrascu SS18 Collection: A generation Without Ties & Landmark

Dumitrascu SS18 collection, Paris FW

The Dumitrascu SS18 collection is inspired by the ideological bases of underground and clandestine gatherings from the Rave culture. The Kebaby represents a generation without ties and landmarks, wandering the streets. Clothes seem to be a mixture of all the outfits we cross daily. In pursuit of identity, wearing the garment of another is a way of becoming someone else. Thus, Andra Dumitrascu reflects: « Kebaby kids are sports and burkas, grande dame and fetish, rooftop and gutter, Xanax and speed. » After fashion studies alongside Raf Simons, Bernhard Willhelm and Véronique Branquinho, the Berlin label

Dumitrascu launched its first collection in 2016, introducing a surprising and spontaneous amalgam of sports and uni-sex sewing that mixes classic cuts and high-tech materials.

The collection is astounding by its plentiful prints, logos and colors. Leopard, Tartan, Python…in this united way, they lose their own history and symbolism. Logos and words no longer have any commercial meaning or identity. The signs belonging to religions or traditional culture associated with other elements alter their mystical and sacred aspect. The hierarchy and the statutes of clothing are deliberately ignored, as well as their functionalities. The trends of the past encounter a prospection of the future through new forms and materials derived from technology.

Eclecticism pushed to its paroxysm, leveled values, and reinterpreted functionalities erase the usual conventions of clothing. Recalling the ideology of the Rave culture, the collection appears like a resistance to the economic and political domination of the system. It gives birth to an unprecedented fashion uni-sex, a-cultural and universal. Like the rave party that sometimes tended towards the mystical meeting, the Kebaby get together and parade in the Parisian subway. They develop a new ritual of clothing that seems to arrive from another planet. It has no codes and opens the possibilities to infinity …

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