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VICTORIA / TOMAS Offers us a New Youth Next Summer

The Spring Summer 2018 collection, by VICTORIA/TOMAS, is a true ode to childhood that rekindles one's memories. Between back to school and return from holidays, it is inspired by the traditional French outfits of children of the Sixties.

Victoria/Tomas SS18

VICTORIA/TOMAS is a French ready-to-wear brand, founded by Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins in 2012, four years after their first encounter at a Paris fashion school. After a stint at Alexander Wang in New York, Tomas came back to France to launch VICTORIA/TOMAS, a full-fledged line of wearable separates aimed at a new generation of modern, city-dwelling women, mixing both designers’ sensibilities.

Victoria/Tomas SS18

The cuts are reminiscent of schoolyard school smocks of yesteryear with puffy sleeves and pleats. The finishing details used are altered between retro buttons with four holes, drawstring and snaps. Colored laced up shoes remind us of sneakers. The major colors, pink with red and blue with green, connote the old distinction between girls and boys in the costumes of the French school children. The cotton fabrics have also taken the authentic striped, gingham and checkered patterns of typical school smocks. Added to this are small knitted vests and v-neck sweaters that were very popular in the 60's and still timeless today.

Victoria/Tomas SS18

The famous French sailor stripes appear in bold on tank tops or long and fluids jersey dresses. The sporty "swimmer back" cut racer tanks and summer scarves hung off one shoulder in the manner of a beach towel prepares us for summer days.

Finally, a mixture is made between childish clothing and business suits. The sleeves of blazers are turned up and puffed up like school smocks. The suit pants are shortened to the knee and zippers are substituted by a simple elastic waist. This surprising association can symbolize the transition to adulthood or the reverse the return to childhood ...

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