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The Thirtieth Anniversary Collection by Miguel Vieira is as Fresh as Ever

Miguel Vieira celebrates 30-years with an exciting SS18 collection at Portugal Fashion Week. It is the celebration of one of Portugal's most successful brands. A brand that from its beginnings has offered luxurious, elegance and innovative designs.

Miguel Vieira SS18

Miguel Vieira SS18

Fashion designer, Miguel Vieira, started in 1986 and has been producing his own collection since 1988. He Participates regularly in Italian, Spanish and French fairs and his collections are presented at Portugal Fashion and Moda Lisboa. They have also been paraded on catwalks as diverse as São Paulo, Istambul, Barcelona, Uruguay, Lodz, Madrid and Milan. The new collection is beautifully balanced with graphic rigor and rich and sumptuous detailing. There is movement, flowing fabrics and a play on volume between slim and oversized. The cohesive collection offers classic luxury pieces (suits, cocktail dress ...) and more sporty daywear. The famous classy square scarf appears here in XXL on shoulders and overflowing to the knee below men's suit jackets. For Women, it becomes, ingeniously assembled and tied at the waist with the help of a belt to make an elegant asymmetrical dress.

The fabrics used in the collections vary from casual cotton, and cool wool to edgy vinyl and neoprene. Print designs are inspired by nature and give a decorative interpretation. The cracked mineral effect, insects and floral patterns are geometrized and associated with stripes. Miguel Vieira uses codes and symbols of luxury with fineness by bringing a modern and elegant sobriety. The SS18 collection proves that the brand, despite its 30 years of seniority, still has so much to give.

miguel Vieira SS18

Miguel Vieira SS18

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