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Carla Pontes' New SS18 Collection is a Multicultural Celebration

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The SS18 collection by Carla Pontes comes from an eulogistic multicultural spirit. She invites us to take a pilgrimage through the inspiration of sacred traditions around the world. "RAW" collection is also an ode to natural purity thanks to its universal and harmonious tone.

Carla Pontes SS18 collection

Carla presented her first eponymous collection in 2012, just a few months after finishing her fashion studies. At this time, she was selected to be part of Portugal Fashion’s incubation platform that led to a seasonal presentations in several locations such as Porto, Madrid, Lisbon and Oviedo. Taking inspiration from natural and artistic elements, She produces timeless collections, yet inherently adapted to the busy life of a contemporary woman.

The "RAW" collection, as the name implies, means essential, pure, and simple. Taking the example of nature, it finds in the diversity of seeds, fruits and vegetables a vast palette of colors; Lychi, mint, plum and curry are some of those bright hues that contrast with neutral ginger, nuts and quinoa. Also natural, wrinkled and graphic textures are made of cotton meshes.

The shapes are induced with the same intention and respect of the human form. Her designs offer effective ergonomics and perfect comfort to the wearer. The collection features minimized modelling, straight lines and asymmetrical hems. Pieces can be worn in multiple ways; dresses may have two fronts, long shirts can be redefined as dresses.

Formal quality is inspired by traditional cult outfits from different places and religion. The drapes surrounding the shoulders and the waist in ocher shades reminds the Tibetan monastic clothing named "Kesa". The V-neck, the amplitude and the embroidery alignments details connote the famous Moroccan Djellaba. Asian influences are found through heart-covers and kimono belts. The beauty with fluo red adhesive strips positioned at the center of the forehead is a quote from the Indian "Bindi" composed of the "Sindoor" a deep red pigment.

Carla Pontes SS18 collection

The Carla Pontes collection is in a sense an act of cultural appropriation. The clothing inspired from different countries, thus assembled, are reminiscent of traveling memories. Sunglasses, loose-fitting shirts, and soft garment handbags, clearly evoke tourism and return to holidays.

Carla Pontes SS18 collection

However, the appeasement, meditation and aesthetic harmony revealed by mystical and natural aspects of silhouettes, convey a message of unity through diversity. Born out of a respectful reflection of the original human condition, the Carla Pontes SS18 collection is a true humane celebration.

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