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Loupedeck Inspiring Creativity!

IRK had the pleasure of testing the Loupedeck and after 2 months of editing photos with the console we give it two thumbs up! It allows us to edit our photos faster and to be more creative which is the most we could ask for!

The Loupedeck is a very efficient and motivating tool to use for Lightroom. Since Lightroom is useful for the organisation and manipulation of photos, the Loupedeck is a perfect tool that makes the Lightroom application relative to use before going on with other application such as Photoshop. The instant gratification of Lightrooms talents, come from the Loupedeck.​

Loupedeck makes Lightroom smooth, faster, and more relavant to use, since Lightroom has specific talents for adjusting the photo without deteriorating effects on the original photo file yet it does not have the other functions of Photoshop tool for managing everything relative to photo or video shot editing. Loupedeck makes Lightroom an important step in photo editing while ensuring you dont lose time or too much creative energy.

The Loupedeck board is easy to use, smart, and makes the importance of not losing photo quality to colour editing while using Lightroom more relevant in order to take the photos on to create that final perfect photo. The deck is amazing to use for any photography professionals or beginners, it will always give them more time on what is important for their photo.

For our Spring/Summer fashion editorial we used the Loupedeck to edit and retouch these images. Loupedeck allowed us to be creative and efficient. To see the the full editorial click Ready for Paris

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