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Hugo Costa Spring-Summer 2019

Hugo Costa SS19. Photo courtesy L'appart PR.

Hugo Costa's SS19 collection questions beauty and perfectionism. To see something beautiful in what is imperfect and banal, so that beauty can be revealed! These are all topics IRK questioned at Hugo Costa's show for Spring Summer 2019 during Paris Men's Fashion Week.

Hugo Costa SS19

"Imperfections are special. They give you life, they tell stories throughout the years. The perfectionism of the imperfection transcends gender, color, dreams and wills".

In the presentation of the Spring/ Summer 2019 Hugo Costa, we are faced with imperfect installations, sometimes destroyed shown as broken or suspended porcelain dishes. The still lives that surround the room transform these objects from, everyday life into a work of art.

Viewers of the collection/installation were faced with mirrored cubes surrounded by vegetation that reflected everyone's image, and therefore our perception, of what we see. Television sets refer to media that shape our perception of beauty, but it can be viewed in different ways as we are each different beings.

A different perspective that can be established by our experiences. Experience makes each of us more beautiful. We have a better perspective on the perception of things and a judgment of perfection or imperfection.

Hugo Costa's SS19 collection emphasizes the imperfection and re-modification of the men's wardrobe: frayed bathrobes laced and knotted, the models wore super oversized shirts that are heavily draped or cropped and often have drooping sleeves. IRK noticed the redesigned patchworks, put on the sleeves randomly.

Hugo Costa SS19

Hugo Costa shows his vision of perfectionism and imperfection in his choice of models. He chooses different ethnicity, hairstyles with very straight fringes and the barrettes from backstage are left voluntarily.

Finally, one of the models, was heavily tattooed and sported a Twin-Set with spring colors. His image marked a central point on the theme (the new perception of beauty and the aestheticism of our daily life) contrasting with past conceptions of beauty.

The progressive Fashion label from Portugal Hugo Costa.

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