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Deborah Kidd: The Return of an Icon

Deborah Kidd shot by Iris Brosch

Awaiting for the arrival of the Seattle-born supermodel with my editor-in-chief, the delectable and veteran 56-year young supermodel from the 80s, Deborah Kidd, walked in with grand style, accompanied by many famous designers including Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Kenzo, Weill, Plan Sud, Ted Lapidus, Dirk Bikkemberg, Balenciaga and La Perla. We got to sit down with her over a cup of coffee and some fascinating hour of stories about her journey as a supermodel in Paris.

Deborah Kidd began modeling at the prime age of 25. She trained as a ballet dancer for a couple of years before she delved into the fashion world. While still new in the industry, she tickled the fancy of quite a lot of people; including a modeling agency in Paris. This was the major call in Deborah’s career as she took the opportunity and moved to Paris where she found her voice and made waves.

Truth to tell: the beginning of her career in Paris got off on a rocky start as she suffered several rejections for being American. She was invited to Paris by an agent she met back in the States, upon her arrival; she went in for a meeting only to discover that they had already booked all the girls for the season. She was on her own!

Downthrown and frustrated, Deborah went on the metro, confused and thinking about what to do. There and then, she met another model who was just on her way to a casting. She invited Deborah along with her and at the end of the day, it was Deborah who got the job and this was her reason not to go back to America. Her first job was for Jean-Louis Scherrer. The two shared a common interest: he was known as a former ballet dancer.

We asked Deborah about her most memorable or favorite show, she answered straight away: her first fashion show for Paco Rabanne in 1987 which was her first couture show. When it comes to the most inspirational shows, it was Haut Coiffure Française, where the clothes are not as important and the show, it was all about creative hairstyles.

Deborah went on to share how much fashion means to her as it goes in line with her very inquisitive personality, giving her enough opportunities to explore the world and various cultural practices outside of hers.

Deborah Kidd shot by Iris Brosch

But modeling is not only fashion shows and showrooms. Deborah had the chance to shoot for Health and Fitness UK magazine on the gorgeous sand dunes in Cape Town, South-Africa with a local photographer Warren du Preez, who is now based in London.

As we were sitting in the hotel’s brasserie, talking about fashion, modeling and all the different aspects to it, we ended up discussing politics. One would think fashion and politics do not go together but on the contrary, the two are very tightly interwoven.

Deborah said, when the Berlin Wall was demolished in 1989 and the border control loosened a bit between the East and West, she enlightened us on how modeling and its structures changed. Due to the open borders, there were new girls coming to the market from Eastern-Europe, stirring up the pot. New faces and different kinds of beauty were available and since there were many models to choose from; their pay decreased and the infamous model apartments replaced the luxury living.

She walked several shows for Couture such as Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne, Givenchy, Balenciaga and also for lingerie brands like Perla and Barbara. She graciously modeled for 15 years before she started working with a showroom, Jean Demavinssy. There she sells new collections to stores located around the world including Paris, London, United States. She has earned the nickname “dummy cabin” as stylists try out new clothes from the collections on her and carry out necessary fittings and adjustments before walking runway shows. The showroom hosts brands ready to be worn around the world; Germany, Russia, England etc. Deborah also works as a manager for Lancôme in a department store and is planning to have a fresh new clothing line in the showroom.

Deborah Kidd shot by Iris Brosch

After her 9-year break from the industry, the gorgeous supermodel has decided to storm her return into the game and start modeling again as a strong, experienced 56-year-old model. Taking a break and focusing on other important aspects of life has only given her more confidence to return to her passion, having a clearer mind and freedom as a model and as a woman. Deborah knows what she wants. She is now more focused on commercial photography, acting and artistic expressions. It is a bold and necessary statement she is making; taking a break from work to focus on oneself, marriage... and starting again is acceptable.

Famous artist and photographer, Iris Brosch was one of the first photographers to photograph the model in Paris. After a 30-year hiatus, Kidd and Brosch have reconnected for a fashion photo and film production centered around Deborah, with the concept of a liberated, modern woman enjoying beauty and life.

Kidd chose the new boutique hotel, NOLINSKY as the location for this production. The hotel is located in the heart of Paris and close to the Palais-Royal Garden. It is a perfectly designed temple of art with a French style to welcome any modern project.

Deborah Kidd shot by Iris Brosch

A small snippet from the production offers the viewer a moment where the alpha women surround Kidd on the amazing staircase designed by French interior designer, Jean-Louis Deniot. She evokes beauty amongst the male gods who are coming down from the heavens to play with her.

Deborah Kidd has defied the laws of nature as her beauty and youthful hue remains intact. She is a powerful woman

that speaks of strength, valor and the beauty of women. She is known for her staunch beliefs as a human rights activist

fighting against women suffrage and oppression. Kidd had her hair styled in an Afrocentric manner of the ‘70s which

further lends a voice to the strength of women who are not only beautiful but also confident in their own skin.

Concept photo and video Iris Brosch

Talent Deborah Kidd

Dancers Karl Reinhard & Sharly Crater

Interview Mariann Mugra

Production Stephane Blanc

Video Chloe Silbano

Styling Luca Bouday

Assistant stylist: Thibaud Romain

Hair stylist Alan Milroy

Make up Alice Cottet

Retouch photos Maria Siorba

Assistant Lea Marisol

Special thanks to the boutique hotel, NOLINSKI for the location for this production.

The hotel is located in the heart of Paris and close to the Palais-Royal Garden.

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