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Alice and Olivia NYFW SS 2019 Review

The Alice and Olivia Spring 2019 collection was created for a woman who lives her life internationally, seamlessly moving from city to city while living with luxurious abandon and an embrace of youthful elegance. This was evident from the moment you arrived, as guests were greeted outside the venue by a yacht decked out in the rich colors and cultural references that comprised the collection, all precursors to the presentation awaiting inside Pier59. Managed by partner, the boat was available for overnight stays throughout Fashion Week and had already been booked at the time of the show.

Inside the venue Creative Director Stacey Bendet created scenes from Paris, Provence, Marrakesh, Positano, Careyes, and Tokyo that comprised an immersive experience appropriately named “Wonderland”. Each vignette was home to multiple models adorned in patterns and vibrant colors influenced by the region they represented. The energy in the room was palettable as celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Nicky Hilton-Rothschild, and Caitlyn Jenner mixed with a bevy of media influencers and guests. Jackets, pants, floral prints, short skirts, floor length dresses, layered looks, and brightly colored matched sets abounded. There was indeed something for every Alice and Olivia fan. Diversity was not limited to color and cultural reference as the models represented a range of countries and ethnicities.

As Benet noted, “I’m excited to merger the world of travel with fashion, to highlight the influence travel has on personal style and to give women from all walks of life a way to connect with clothing...”

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