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Talbot Runhof Spring/Summer 2019

Strength and elegance merge creating the look of a dynamic woman that Johny Talbot and Adrain Runhof present this season at the Paris fashion week. The collection featured strong silhouettes and colors, camouflage prints, bucket hats and sparkles tenaciously yet harmoniously creating a balance between ¨sexy¨ and¨hard to get¨ .

A range of khaki outfits open the collection with a less exuberant, yet modern and dignified spirit. The collection then moved toward a more opulent character with street style glances featuring a coat dress with hologram sequins and a matching bucket hat. This was followed by a series of reflective jersey outfits with casual references such as stripped ribs, and colorful camouflage dresses. The collection's end moved towards full yellow outfits and sparkling warm neutral colors, silver and black looks.

This eclectic collection subtly portrays a progression of feminine trends in time, resulting into the representation of a dynamic and classical woman of the 21st century.

Photographer by Antonio SO

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