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Swedish Fashion Now: Spring/Summer 2019 Collections

The Swedish Institute, based in Paris, threw their seasonal fashion week cocktail reception promoting various Swedish fashion brands. Among the brands, the following labels stood out for their elegance and innovation: Deitas, Rodebjer, and ATP Atelier.

The Swedish label Deitas was born out of founder Josephine Dahlin’s long-lasting desire to create the perfect silk blouse. Launched in 2016, Deitas has come a long way, gravitating towards an exquisite collection of staples for your closet.

Deitas’s contribution for this upcoming Spring/Summer 2019 features an elegant, lightweight, and sleek array of dresses and blouses, crafted out of different silk varieties as well as other symbiotic fabrics that create an ideal balance. Moreover, this collection allows the seamless transition from daytime leisure to cocktail soirees, which is a fundamental quality for the warmer seasons. As a Swedish native living in Monaco, Dahlin enjoys the advantage of working with a multicultural team. Her Scandinavian team bolsters with a minimalistic approach whereas her french seamstresses perfect each individual piece.

On the huge leap her company is taking, Dahlin says, “It is super scary but also very exciting. I have had an enormous amount of opportunities. I did not plan it. I was just going to do this from the heart, not with the corporate pressure.”

The tone of Carin Rodebjer’s label is immensely inspired by the earthy and minimalistic island of the Baltic Sea which she grew up in. That component combined with the high energy of New York City is what Rodebjer is all about.

Rodebjer’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection is composed of a variety of dynamic pieces as well as every-day stylish ensembles. Some of the most alluring garments’ characteristics are attributed to the uniform worn by the working women in Sweden back in the 1970s. This concept was translated into a modern ingenious approach, ideal for a woman that works hard and has to get up early in the morning.

When inquired about her core customer, Rodebjer reveals, “She is a working woman on the move with things to do and deliver on. I want to make it easier for her cause she has so much on her plate already.”

ATP Atelier was the outcome of a series of unforgettable summers in Italy. It all started with a pair of sandals that became a holiday essential. With this in mind, ATP Atelier decided to create the ultimate contemporary urban sandal made from high-quality materials, a crucial staple for those who enjoy a permanent vacation lifestyle. In addition, the brand also creates minimalistic elegant bags including must-have subtle colors as well as playful options such as red and pink.

On this topic, Maj-La Pizzelli, founder of ATP Atelier, adds, “We talked a lot about the lifestyle this girl was living: a permanent vacation, an Italian feeling, good food, and good life. This was the foundation of our brand and still is.”

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