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Paul Costelloe SS19 at LFW

The PAUL COSTELLOE SPRING SUMMER 2019 collection is entitled “JOY” & is designed to inspire.a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. it is a joyous collection in an array of rainbow colours and optimistic silhouettes, powerful enough to stop the traffic from Piccadilly in London, to Madison Avenue on a sunny, spring morning in NYC.

From pure silk blends from Lyon and Como to rich, crisp linens from Emblem Weavers of Ireland and intricate Italian Jacquards in fresh, modern floral and graphic prints, we celebrate the talents of the great craftsmen of their European mills. With a soft nod to the sexual revolution, Paul’s empowered, futuristic tailoring is translated into bold silhouettes, complimenting feminine curves. Hem lines are varied and shoulders are the ultimate statement.

“As one of the long running statesmen of London Fashion Week, I feel it is my role to restore the faith in our bredrin and show that femininity is not a weakness but should be enjoyed, appreciated and most importantly, respected”

It was a great pleasure to interview Paul Costelloe backstage immediately after the show:

IRK: Hi Paul! Congratulations on a fabulous show!

PC: Thank you very much!

IRK: I was really interested in this show that the press release described a 'soft nod to the sexual revolution', and I loved the shoulder forms that you have introduced.

PC: It was hard to get them right, but I think we got it.

IRK: Yes you did! You really nailed it! Congratulations !

PC: Yeah, thanks, we went too far, then we had to change the shoulder pad, and it was quite complicated.

IRK: Sure, but you make it look effortless!

PC: That's the skill of other people that work with me.

IRK: Teamwork, right?

PC: Yes, definitely!

IRK: So with the 'nod to the sexual revolution', what are your thoughts on equality resulting from the year thats been dominated by the mistreatment of women in Hollywood, Westminster and the Media?

PC: I think we should just say look, lets forget about what's happened and let's go forward. Without any negativity. My job is to make pretty clothes that can be worn in any size on any woman, that makes her feel positive. That's what we want, that positive vibe to come through. Despite the shell shocks of the last few months, I am the man on the horse, ready to carry the future forward, and without trying to be anything pretentious.

IRK: Well you have definitely achieved your goal and produced a fantastic show and I absolutely loved it.

PC: I think its my American side that keeps the positive vibes coming through, but it can be a battle at times.

IRK: I love your use of the fabrics, merging the traditional with the contemporary, and I was amazed by the diversity and pure number of outfits you shared.

PC: I know! Its crazy!

IRK: So creative!

PC: I like it, I like challenges! But we probably should have cut it down, but thank you for noticing those things.

IRK: And I loved the slow indulgence with which the models were moving through the catwalk. We really had time to appreciate and enjoy the designs.

PC: Paul did a great job! Paul! She is playing a compliment on how you presented the show!

Paul: Thank you very much!

PC: Which I agree! It was a very lovely pace! So we will do that for next winter? Ready to go? Thanks a lot Paul. He is the choreographer.

IRK: Ah, wonderful.

IRK: My final question is with regards to the implications of Brexit, which is less than 190 days away, what impact could that have potentially have on you as a Fashion Designer?

PC: :I think it is going to have an impact, as if they make it any more difficult to export, then it will be a catastrophe. I am very fortunate in that I have very long legs, in that I have got one leg in Dublin, and one leg in London! So it depends if the glass is half full or half empty! It think they just have to have no arrogance, keep it simple, say what they want. The Europeans are agreeable, its how you present the package, and I think she has got a hell of a job ahead of her, and certainly at this point I feel that she is like Saint Sebastian, and I admire her, she could have broken down ages ago but she is strong. As long as it is presented in a non arrogant way, play it cool, then I will go along with her.

IRK: Well I want to see her wearing your outfits Paul! I think that would empower her!

PC: That would be a challenge but we can work on it!

IRK: Thankyou! Well it was fantastic to see you and I can't wait to see your next collection!

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For buying enquiries or to request any further information please contact Jessica Costelloe: +44 (0)207 224 1927

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