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The Jasper Conran Collection LFW SS19

The spectacular Jasper Conran fashion show was held at the Royal Academy in London. Inspired by the ongoing battle for equality resulting from a year dominated by revelations of the mistreatment of women in Hollywood, Westminster and the Media, referenced in the splash of blue on one of the outfits. It has been 100 years since the Women's suffrage movement secured votes for women with the 1918 Representation of the people's act. Jasper remembers his mother lobbying to gain rights for women, and this show is an an acknowledgement of the ongoing struggle for equality. The fundamental questions of the collection seemed to be how to empower, what to reveal and what to cover up ? The stylish simplicity of the collection entranced the audience, and there were gasps from the audience at the arrival of a shimmering silver dress. Very much a stunning, bold and celebratory collection.

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