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Patrick Michael Hughes Men's Fashion Editor

Beyond the fashion trend was the consideration for this season’s men’s editorial highlighting fall 2018. The two-person images and limited color palate are a fashion nod to the portraiture and representations seen in Barkley Hendricks’ work. The men’s fashion are a selection of collections and brands that are supporting communities and moving fashion forward within pedagogical opportunity, environmental platforms and challenging gender constructs.

Honduran born designer Carlos Campos has long been one of fashion’s favorite sons in New York. In 2017 with the partnership Honduran Government and private business in Honduras he opened the first design school, The Carlos Campos School of Fashion and Design.

The steadily ascending Descent of Thieves created by the creative duo Matteo Maniatty and Dres Lardo is a market conscious brand creating limited batch manufacturing, supporting boutique factories “the craft beer of fashion” and razor-cut sartorial statements. OPDNY by Nicole Ashley is a fashion tale manifesting somewhere between Tel-Aviv, Europe and New York. She took her shopping addiction and love for fashion into your own hands- literally re-working clothes with her now signature sequined blaze. These are clever ‘one of a kind fashion statements’ linked to sustainability and collectible vintage style.

NIHL is founded by artist and designer Neil Patrick Grotzinger, he utilizes iconic American symbols as a tool for subversion in a way that consistently challenges stereotypes which he simply describes as ‘masculine effeminacy’. This is the brand’s second season and collection highlighting a Swarovski partnership.

Order your copy of IRK Magazine's MASTERS COLLECTION issue 7 to see Patrick Michael Hughes's Men's Fashion editorial in homage TO BARKLEY L. HENDRICKS.

Team Credits



Models Robby & Yaw at ANTI Management

Producer & Videographer David Sakover

Production Assistant Kevin Aportela-Flores

Video Editor Ani Novillo Astrada

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