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Photofusion London

Jon Hall - Fish Head

The Photofusion Members’ photography exhibition SALON/18 has opened in Brixton. The exhibition showcases the work of artists, whose photographic work covers the gallery walls from floor to ceiling. The aim of Photofusion SALON is simply to showcase individual images that are powerful enough to stand alone in representation of a captivating story or concept. The Parallax photobook prize was awarded to David Omara. Dan Gaba (Photo Editor, Wall Street Journal) has awarded The Cant wait to see what’s next award was to Hugh Kinsella Cunningham. This year, submissions include a broad range of genres and techniques from digital, analogue and experimental practices and for the second year running it includes artists’ book dummies, handmade and self-published photo books in the exhibition.

Fish Head is a Lambda print by the photographer Jon Hall, which is a homage to the 16th century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He describes that Arcimboldo's 'amazing portraits were in a unique style that depicted composite heads made up of fruits, vegetables, plants and sea creatures etc. as a comment on the change in seasons and the nobility of the time. Struck by the impact that these images had on me, I decided to make my own photographic interpretation in an up-to-date way. I questioned whether Arcimboldo had constructed a sculpture that he painted a still life from, or had painted a still life of each individual element to construct the portraits. It was preferable not to construct together the images digitally in the computer as I felt that in order to create a realistic looking photograph it was essential for me to construct a sculpture of the collective elements to give a convincingly three dimensional form. In choosing each element, such as a fish, fruit or vegetable, it was necessary that every element could be interpreted as part of the human body. The quality of the image required shooting on transparency film with a 10 x 8 Sinar camera. As there was to be no digital editing of the images it was necessary to work speedily, making sure that the quality was retained by spraying water onto the fish and fruit to make it look fresh. There is a vast difference in the range of produce used to inspire the portraits painted in 16th century Italy using locally obtained items to that of today’s globally sourced high quality products independent of the seasons. There is a suggestion that post-Brexit there may be a reduction in the range of products from Italy and the rest of the European Union, therefore these photographs are a real representative of the now.'

Chloe Rosser

I was particularly impressed by the photographs in the self-published book by Chloe Roser entitled Form & Function which consists of a significant body of 74 cleverly constructed images of bodies distorted through a combination of pose and angle of the photograph to remove the head and limbs. It is a nice example of progression from a successful crowdfunding campaign during a solo show in May 2018 its launch at the FIX Photo Festival on the 1st of December 2018.

Marella Oppenheim - Memory of Water

Brett Rogers (director of the Photographer's Gallery) selected the work of Chris Moyes and Marella Oppenheim for the The Photographers Gallery Award. The work entitled 'Memory of Water' by Marella Oppenheim addresses the disappeared linked to Colonia Dignidad during the Pinochet regime, and their relatives' 45 year struggle for justice and remembrance.

Kim Thornton - The Prima Ballerina

Kim Thornton creates conceptual portraits such as the exhibited work entitled 'The Prima Ballerina' in which a woman plays alone at home. She uses household objects to transform her domestic arena into an imaginary world.

Tom Pope - Over the Edge into the Void

Tom Pope combines performative strategies with the historical photographic process of cyanotype with playful interventions and methods to create innovative and energetically charged photographs.

Jan Enkelmann has been capturing the passion and spirit of the people gathering at Speakers' Corner, which has been a London institution for almost 150 years from an innovative perspective.

Jan Enkelmann

Exhibition Event: Artist talk Wednesday 9 January 2019, 18:30 - 20:30 | Register here The Exhibition event scheduled for the 9th of January will feature from 8-10 of the photographers from the Photofusion SALON/18 Members’ exhibition. They will present a larger selection of images from their project in the show following the Pecha Kucha 20×20 format. Each artist will have a slideshow of 20 images, and only 20 seconds per image to talk, resulting in a series of quickfire talks lasting exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds each, followed by a short Q&A session at the end.

Exhibiting Artists:

Agnese Sanvito | Aidan McCarthy | Alan Gignoux | Alec Leggat | Alex Stone | Amit Lennon | Andrew Youngson | Angus Steward | Anna Farley | Anna Lerner| Anthony Carr| Carol Sharp | Celine Marchbank | Charlotte Annand | Chloe Rosser | Chris Moyse | Christopher Burrows | Christopher Clack | Colleen Harvey | Cordelia Grabbe | Dafna Talmor | Daniel Barter | Dariusz Asamek | David Mooney | David O'Mara | David Sampson | Dean Grossmith | Divesh Mistry | Duncan Godfrey | Ellie Laycock | Emma Lambert | Frederica Agbah | Gavin Freeborn | Gert Van Dermeersch | Gina Glover| Graeme Webb | Greg Funnell | Hannah Fletcher | Hayleigh Longman | Hugh Kinsella Cunningham | Jacqui Ennis Cole | Jan Enkelmann | Jannine Smith | Jasper Jones | Jody Kingzett | Jon Hall | Julie Derbyshire | June Cadogan | Kadie salmon | Kate Coe | Kate Stanworth | Katy Hammond | Kim Thornton | Kristy Gosling | Ky Lewis | Leslie Hakim-Dowek | Lewis Bush | Lexi Stones | Luca Migliore | Lucia Pizzani | Mandy Williams | Marella Oppenheim | Marie Smith | Mark Aitken | Martha Orbach | Max Adelman | Mieke Douglas | Mitchell Moreno | Naomi James | Nicola Muirhead | Nik Strangelove | Nikolai Ishchuk | Paul Bermudez | Paul Tecklenberg | Peter Gibbons | Pippa Healy | Robert Batchelor | Roberto Aguilar | Roelof Bakker | Rosie Barnes | Ross Wilson | Rowan Spray | Samuel Butt | Sandrine Aim | Sara Roberts | Sarah Peters | Steve Pill | Sue Ridge | Susanne Hakuba| Tamsin Green | Tarang Bharti | Ted Giles | Teddy Hall | Tim Butcher | Tom Broadbent | Tom Mooring | Tom Pope | Victoria Ahrens | Vik S Taak | Wendy Aldiss | Zara Pears | Zoe Wright | Jan Cylwik


7th December 2018 – 12th January 2019

Photofusion, 17A Electric Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LA @photofusionUK

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