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Miro Seen Through the Eyes of Sacha Vatkovic

Sacha Vatkovic is a Paris-based Serbian photographer known for his artistic beauty photography. He made his debut at ELLE studio; then in the very famous studio Rouchon Paris. He honed his art as an assistant, alongside renowned photographers including Sarah Moon, Sofia and Mauro, Erwan Frotin, and David Lynch.

For IRK's Masters Collection issue Sacha Vatkovic paid homage to the painter MIRO. The homage Mixed Vatkovic's desire to capture the beauty of femininity and his passion for the arts. The bold colors and symbols found in Miro's paintings are mixed with fashion, beauty and a Spanish flair that we are sure Miro would appreciate.

The images can be found in the Masters Collection issue and here you can delight in the Fashion film him and Vatkovic's talented team created.

IRK Magazine took a moment to ask a few questions about Sacha Vatkovic's career, interests, and how he works.

IRK: What is your main inspiration?

My inspiration come from nature, girls, paintings and art in general.

IRK: What is your favorite subject to photograph?

Beautiful girls full of colors!

IRK: What makes a great picture stand out from the rest?

If we put aside the technical part and the choice of model, it’s just the emotions.

IRK: You are represented by Karine Garnier agency. How has having an agent changed your career?

It changes your life because you don’t feel alone anymore. It helps you with contacts, to take the best way, to stay focused and for sure to find some good jobs.

IRK: You shot an homage to the Miro for IRK's Masters Collection issue. Was this new to you and did you find the project inspiring?

Yes, it was new for me because usually I can find inspiration in paintings, but not like this. With Miro, we “copy/past” some details of his paintings on the girl with makeup and other part on the background. But the thing is that was really interesting and inspiring to make some pictures with all of the colors and to enter in the world of an artist like Miro. I would love to know what Miro or a specialist of his work would say about them.

IRK: You also directed several short fashion films for the Miro story. Can you tell us how directing films is different to taking stills?

For me it’s not really different. It’s just moving pictures which we did with another light and another camera. I was the same with the girl, I talked about the same things with her. It’s just about some technical differences.

IRK: Is there anything you would like to add about your team on the miro project?

Except that it was a team with very good artists, where everybody found a way for self expression, worked with a smile and searched for the perfect picture… nothing special J

IRK: What is next?

Well, I think I will do few more stories around painters and in the same time I would like to come back to nature. Maybe insects or birds. I’m also preparing an exhibition which will be in Alexandria, Egypt, with the French institute “Institut français d’Egypte”and it will be about Cleopatra…

Photographer: Sacha VATKOVIC

Team Credits: Photographer: Sacha VATKOVIC

Film makers: Sacha VATKOVIC & Florian SAMELSON Model: Aneta DOLEJSOVA at CRYSTAL MODELS Style: Marie REVELUT Make up: Constance HAOND Hair: Celine DA CRUZ DOP: Florian SAMELSON Editing: Florian SAMELSON Lights: Loup KATUSSE Set Design: Aude GROISELLE Music : Zack ROUCHON Special thanks to STUDIO ROUCHON; RVZ

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