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BIELO x La Garconne - A Knitted Dream World

If you close your eyes and think what your most decedent knitwear dream might be it may involve a luxurious mohair sweater paired with matching lounge pants as you sip green tea and look out of your holiday home into the Swiss Alps. Or, it may contain a rather plush wide knit scarf that’s so delicious you forget about the snow storm you’re about to walk into just to get to work. No matter your knit wear dream (and don’t lie, we all have one) IRK can almost guarantee you’ll find the piece of your dreams from Barcelona born knitwear brand BIELO.

Under the impression that knitwear was only for winter I walked into the Paris showroom expecting to find a rack of gorgeous wide knits that sadly could only be used for 50-60% of the year. I did find that rack of gorgeous wide knits that may only be practical for the winter months, due to their blend of luxurious mohair and cashmere wools which would be like a sauna come the summer months. However, upon seeing those pieces I would gladly turn the air conditioning onto icy blast all summer just to wear one of those pieces. After 20 minutes of gawking in admiration, stroking each garment like it was a new born bunny and resisting to try on all the pieces I was presented the BIELO x La Garconne collection. This collection answered my question of “is knitwear only for winter?” As I was instantly drawn to a mint coloured pleated skirt which would be perfect for those summer beach strolls I dream about in my head as I stare out into the grim and gloom of the Parisian winter. This collection for New York based fashion retailer La Garconne is made up of the ‘it’ pieces every fashion guru preaches about and that you need in your wardrobe. Something for everyone is thrown around often in the fashion world quite a lot, but in this case there really is something for everyone. A bold bubble gum pink knit jacket (which is on the top of my list may I add) is positioned next to an off white knit t-shirt making the collection one for those who like a bold statement piece to add to their wardrobe or for those looking for the perfect staple to wear with everything.

And if you weren’t already convinced that this collection should be at the top of your shopping list already did I mention that all products are sustainably made out of the highest quality fibres sourced from Italy and japan? Not to mention that the BIELO brand is family owned and operated in Barcelona, which quite literally means each garment is made with love and care.

To shop and find out more about the BIELO x La Garconne collection please click here.

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