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Spring Surfaces Emerge

Patrick Michael Hughes Men's Fashion Editor

Dylan De Candia January 2019

(Jacket Descendant of Thieves , Silk Jaguar Pants Charlie by Matthew Zink Trainers Gola)

Remember Spring? The new fashion chapter looming around the corner, keep in mind that slowly the days are growing longer and brighter, emerging past the harsh winter weather. This is traditionally the time to prepare for warm weather exposure. The 2019 starting line is full of body centered hyperbole ‘Stronger’, ‘Grooming, Fitness, Lifestyle’ and ‘The Better More Fit You’ … inspiring texts with all the optimism promising and healthy life changes. IRK Men’s Fashion began to reflect on aspects of 2019’s common themes and eager fashion discussions.

In the world of the men’s fashion calendar and fashion news spring 2019 is old news. The fashion capitals London, Florence, Milan, Paris and New York have all presented their spring garb as well as resort collections last year. Currently, the men’s fashion season for Fall 2019 is in a brief exhale after the Fall 2019 European collections. Paris is the last of the European men’s shows prior to the start of New York season in February. Due to the weather and the timing of the collections it would be easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the latest fashion looks for fall 2019, adding to the fact that they are the last collections of the decade. Where are we going? What are we doing?

Dylan DeCandia Jaunuary 2019

(Cotton Suit -Descendant of Thieves - Shoes Jack Purcell)

2019 fashion is recalling Michael Jackson on the tenth anniversary of his death. Jackson’s look of patent leather shine and sequined embellishments are scatted throughout numerous collections for spring and fall. Madonna made a come back in Milan for fall 2019, in terms of soundtrack perhaps its in connection to the summer’s blockbuster World Pride events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Madonna is the Stonewall Ambassador and made a surprise New Year’s Eve appearance at the venue in the West Village of New York. The European collections have highlighted a muted color story and a long gray line of tailoring from the eighties as well for fall. The history of late Cold War iconic British styles closed the Paris Fall 2019 season from Quadrophenia to SKA and New Wave a familiar design vocabulary of slender cuts, broad shoulders, pleated pants and double breasted jackets were seductive but far from innovative.

Dylan DeCandia January 2019

(Cotton Shirt Descendant of Thieves, Silk Shorts Elle Silk, Travel bag- Gola)

‘Prints for Spring, Groundbreaking…’ has become a fashion meme of Meryl Streep’s famous fashion characterization in The Devil Wears Prada. However, for 2019 prints and color are breaking new and more ground in apparel’s visual sensibility. The speed of color and print to get to market is driving smarter technology and accuracy. Fashion brands and designers can identify color with the use of a phone and access to a digital color libraries easily and quickly dramatically speeding up the their seasonal color palette development and selections. This type of technology is leading way into the next decade as well as enhancing the strides made in alternative coloring methods. The supply chain is further expedited with new formats and placement on fabric in ‘water-less’ digital printing preventing distortion. The new sustainably sensitive methods have shorter drying times and transfer times resulting in more dimensional designs on the boarder array of hybrid and natural fabrication. Advanced conversational prints are street fashion statements such as ones celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday (spotted at London Fashion Week on top editors) to large scale luxury depictions of nature and modern art on outerwear.

Dylan DeCandia January 2019

(Reversible Bomber Jacket and Coral Cotton Shorts -Descendant of Thieves )

Spring 2019 fashion will emerge with the optimistic color of the year ‘Living Coral’. It’s described as being pinker than its natural counterpart and leaning toward a life affirming orange with golden undertones. Metallic tones are common to all seasons of 2019. The love of leopard and jaguar looks and details are also common to both seasons. For this first outing of spring IRK Men’s Fashion looked to the styles echoing grooming, fitness and lifestyle and meshing past with future. Slender crisp cotton suiting fit for escapist travel and warm weather life, saturated prints in light weight silk and cotton to tailored shorts, silk joggers and embellished looks highlighting light weight luxury and 2019 trends. IRK made a style nod to the nineties is seen in the hairstyle reminiscent of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Pierce Brosnan’s first 007 in 1994.

Dylan DeCandia January 2019

(Sequined Polo Shirt and Silk Shorts Private Policy)

Model Dylan DeCandia State Management NYC

Hair by Marco @ Carlo Marco Studio West Village NYC

Photography and Styling Patrick Michael Hughes

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