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Henrik Vibskov Men's AW19: The Radish Arm Charm

This season, Henrik Vibskov contributes a fascinating collection inspired by farming and the technology pertaining to this activity. This brings up the important dilemma that we as a human race face regarding sustainability in industry.

The fashion show took place on the top floor of the Institut du Monde Arabe located in the 5th district of Paris. The venue included an extravagant, futuristic structure in the centre. This contraption displayed many lights that danced to the rhythm of the music as the show advanced.

Henrik Vibskov Men's AW19 Photo by Victor Jones

Photos by Victor Jones

The show began with a short performance. A model could be seen at the centre of the venue playing the role of a farmer, watering crops dressed in a corresponding farmer ensemble. Short after, a parade of models emerged showcasing the new collection. The collection incorporated a great array of colours and prints. This diversity of fabrics alluded to the diversity found in nature. This is to say, the variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and many others that can be observed in the environment.

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