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Yumi Katsura "The Elegance Tie" Couture SS19

Japanese Couture designer Yumi Katsura gives new breath to the traditional Kimono. Each look is based on the traditional Kimono and from there the shapes, motifs, and embroidery are constructed with a focus on the Obi and the elegant way to tie Kimono. Yumi Katsura gives modernity with her inventive layering and use of exquisite fabrics. Hips are accentuated with fallen kimonos used as skirts. Mini dresses in embroidered fabrics are put over the top with bows inspired by Japanese tying techniques. Japanese motifs are mixed with stripes always respecting tradition while creating something new and feminine. 16th-century gigantic ruffs adorn the necks of several pieces and mark bare shoulders and bulbous sleeves.

Yumi Katsura joined the Paris Couture Collection since 2003. In 2015 she opened her boutique opposite the Chanel headquarters. Even though we see that Paris culture has touched her sensibilities IRK Magazine also admires her adherence to Japanese fashion culture and traditional techniques.

The spring-summer 2019 collection is a participation project of “Japonismes 2018” which is currently being held in Paris in commemoration of 160 years of Japan-French friendship.

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