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ZIAD NAKAD S/S19, Look Up!

In the soft colors of the dawn, the constellation evaporates its fragments, diamonds placed in a jewel box with endless variations... According to Ziad Nakad, the woman is decorated with stars in pastel shades, twinkling in the heart of a summer night.

Photographer Antonio SO

ZIAD NAKAD 'Spring Summer 2019 Couture Collection is inpired by the endless heavens above. He isolated the details of the celestial bodies and the constellations. Orion as a sublime detail that he wanted to literally embroider in hand on his creations. Orion the hunter was transformed into a constellation by Zeus, as a victory of grace over violence, unconscious allegory transposed into the creations of Ziad Nakad.

Look up! Because raising ones eyes raises us and invites us to dreams, to the highest inspirations.

Look up! And reach the stars as does Ziad Nakad with this exquisit collection.

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