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Haute Couture SS19: Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier pays tribute to punk with his SS19 Haute Couture collection, an extravaganza of neon, stripes shoulder pads and of course the vedette Dita Von Teese. Gaultier takes his inspiration from the fabulous 70s and 80s combining the best of both eras with a shocking color palette, tulle, chrystals, pointed shoulders, jelly shoes, and asymmetric cuts.

Haute Couture SS19: Jean Paul Gaultier

The collection is a circus of color and style, moving from a monochrome color palette to a neon rainbow. Gaultier demonstrates the diverse possibilities of 80s fashion, ranging from high waisted leather pants to pinstriped suits, to a red floor length tulle dress with goldfish fin shoulders.

Through the collection, Gaultier demonstrates the creative diversity he continues to push. light as feather fabrics are given volume and shape, looks are both over the top and the perfect touch to a carefully chosen wardrobe. Gaultier pays ode to some of his most memorable vintage collections while still inventing new ideas and iconic fashion.

At the end of the show Gaultier came running down the catwalk with a grand smile on his face. We can see that his energy and joie de vivre is still a reflection of his creations. We need more joy in the world and we need to dream and Gaultier gives us both!

Photographer Anna Palermo takes us backstage where we can see the new Gaultier collection in a more intimate light. We also have the opportunity to admire the crimp hairstyles by Odile Gilbert and makeup by Stéphane Marais.

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