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Georges Hobeika SS19 "Marie Antoinette"

This marvelous show echoes the time of Marie Antoinette. Voluminous gowns in pastel colors, fine embroidery and architectural references to Versaille's copses. Each silhouette captures the majesty, and elegance of Marie-Antoinette.

Photographer Antonio SO

Marie-Antoinette was known for being the "queen of fashion". Supported by her stylist, Rose Bertin, the queen revolutionized women's clothing in the eighteenth century, and continues to inspire creators even today as we can see in this exquisite collection by Georges Hobeika.

The silhouettes are perfectly defined and feminine. Transparencies and embroidery are the result of a balanced collection embracing harmony and seduction. Lilies are embroidered on dresses reminiscent of the French royal court. The flowers are printed on silk organza or embroidered with glitter. Refined craftsmanship created multi colored droplets in reference to the the many fountains that adorned Versailles.

Keeping the essence of Marie Antoinette, this collection is breathtaking and Georges Hobeika has once again created poetry in fashion.

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