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Sexy Slits and Sequin Tights At Guy Laroche - F/W 19

Amongst the chandeliers dripping in gold and mirrors glistening (in the rather peculiar February) Parisian sun, walked a sea of sophistication and class. Playing homage to the man himself, Guy Laroche, the Autumn/winter 19-20 collection was full of looks that made me feel very lucky to be born a woman as they obtained sophistication, sex appeal and class (what more could a woman want??) To add to the sophistication and elegance, the theme of the collection was black marble, a luxurious stone which when carved and cut creates a unique pattern of gleaming veins. This gleaming vein pattern was translated through out the collection giving the garments a subtle geometric elegance.

Photography- Antonio SO

Gliding down the runway like a fleet of swans en-route to the other side of the lake, models were draped in floor length capes, dresses with feathered trims and enough leather and velvet to make anyone with a heartbeat weak at the knees. Oh, and did I mention the hats? Once upon a time (until yesterday) I thought cowboy-esk hats were better left to those who spent their Thursday nights clicking their boots and dancing in a row at line dancing. But I can whole hearted say since the show my google history contains multiple searches for “black brimmed hat.” Effortlessly adding sophistication and mystery the hats as well as the collection get a solid 5 stars from me, so for that I owe a big thank you to Guy Laroche, let’s hope they’re a trend that’s here to stay.

Photography- Antonio SO

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