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Diversity comes in every size and color and it opens the windows of our minds to creativity! WINDOW FRANCE, the high ended and cutting edge mannequin manufacturer are always on the forefront of creativity and this last January 31 they revealed a new showroom in Paris that showed us that mannequins can be a work of art.

For the occasion WINDOW FRANCE highlighted the diversity of their products presenting the diversity of positions, diversity of materials and finishes, diversity of sizes and props, diversity of colors, and a diversity of ideas.

WINDOW FRANCE Paris Showroom. Photographer Guillaume Gelley

As our world grows to open doors to our diverse planet the hot topic of the fashion industry has become diversity. We are no longer just one size or color we are a rainbow and WINDOW FRANCE has chosen to embrace this wonderful change and to be inspired by it.

On the night of the unveiling of the new showroom we were able to spend some time with the owner and founder of WINDOW FRANCE Jean Marc Mesguich. His unlimited mindset is the reason why WINDOW FRANCE is so successful. He showed us several new developments. We learned about THE DNA FACTORY which is a unique and innovative venue that unites revolutionary 3D technology with the creative and technical minds of many experts. WINDOW FRANCE has developed a process of capturing the details of real humans to make completely unique mannequins. We also got to see their large 3D printer in action which allows WINDOW FRANCE to create prototypes in a short time. The raw quality of a 3D printed mannequin is an equally inspiring visual.

IRK Magazine always look forward to seeing the latest fashion but who knew that the mannequins could be just as or even more creative.

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